Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kennesaw State's Lindsay Adams On Par With the Value of SAAC

Lindsay Adams was no stranger to success when she teed it up as a freshman with Kennesaw State in 2010-11. As a prep she was the Georgia AA state championship back-to-back in 2009-10, and was named the Atlanta Journal Constitution player of the year in 2010.

Last season Adams competed in three events for the Owls as a freshman. Her best finish came at the Atlantic Sun Championship, where she finished t-21st (74-78-83=235). Adams' best single round of 74 also came during the A-Sun Championship. In her first season she finished with a stroke average of 80.9.

Adams' leadership in representing other student-athletes on campus and being involved in her Kennesaw community are two reasons she chose to be involved with the KSU Student-Athlete Advisory Council. Following are her thoughts on the impact of SAAC on her personally, her campus and her community.

A-Sun: Why do you work with SAAC?
LA: I work with SAAC in order to make the voice of every student-athlete on the Kennesaw State Campus heard as well as to promote Kennesaw State's athletic program throughout the student body. I feel as though it's important to take everyone's opinions into account when we are making decisions that impact not only ourselves as athletes, but that impact the overall happiness of everyone on campus. I enjoy working with SAAC because it allows me to help other people (such as when we raise money for various community service projects).

A-Sun: What is SAAC’s role on campus?
LA: The SAAC's role on campus is to "enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image." To me this statement means that we are helping create a positive image of the Kennesaw State University student-athletes. The SAAC ensures that people not only see us as athletes, but also as students, and over all well rounded people.

A-Sun: What is the most rewarding community service project you have done with SAAC?
LA: The most rewarding community service project that I have done with SAAC would be when we sold lollipops for the Alzheimer’s Association. This association hits me close because I have friends whose grandparents suffer from the disease and anything that I can do to help out means a lot to me.

A-Sun: Why did you choose to attend Kennesaw and to play for an A-Sun team?
LA: I chose to attend Kennesaw because of the fantastic facilities of not only the teams, but for the university itself. As a golfer, it's hard to top our indoor facility and the new weight room. Not only can we still practice when it's cold, but we actually benefit from the practice even though practice has been moved indoors. Kennesaw was my top choice because of the university as well because the dorms are new and the teachers really care about their students' successes.

A-Sun: What is a typical day for you as an Owl entail?
LA: A typical day would begin with waking up early for our 6:00 AM workouts, followed by class from 8 AM until 12:15 PM, eating lunch in between class while getting ready for practice at 2:00 PM. After practice I head to study hall where I log about 6-8 hours a week (depending on the stress load of that week).

A-Sun: How do you envision SAAC’s role in the Kennesaw community in the future?
LA: I envision SAAC's role in the Kennesaw community as a group that people recognize for helping out during hard times. I see us doing more community service work and raising more money for organizations that not only mean a lot to each of us in the SAAC, but that means something to the community of Kennesaw.

A-Sun: Can you talk a little about your best performance coming at the A-Sun championship last season?
LA: The A-Sun Championship was a great learning experience for me. I was really nervous in the beginning, but as soon as I loosened up it became easier to perform the way I wanted. I had been working really hard up until that point (by heading to practice early and staying late) and I really believe that helped me grow. Mentally, the A-Sun Championship put me in a great place because I finally forgot about everything and just played golf. I really enjoyed playing because not only did I learn how to handle when something went bad, I learned how to come back and improve to bring myself to the place I wanted to be. I played well at championship, but I gained a new knowledge of how to address the course which is something that I cherish a lot.

A-Sun: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
LA: I love baking cookies and writing letters in order to send them to deployed soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It means a lot to me because I have a couple of deployed friends and they frequently tell me how amazing it feels to get something in their mailboxes. I think that everyone should get something in their mailbox especially when they are doing such an amazing thing. I usually find a couple of soldiers per month and send them care packages just to let them know that people really do appreciate what they're doing for us.

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