Sunday, April 11, 2010

Practice Round Reveals Venetian Bay Strategy

All 10 teams converged on Venetian Bay Golf Club on Sunday afternoon and between watching the Masters leaderboard on their IPhone’s and hanging on to their hats in blustery conditions, the 18-hole practice round was completed.

Atlantic Sun Insider got a hole-by-hole breakdown of Venetian Bay Golf Club from some of the participants.

Hole 1 - 504 yards - Par 5
The most important part of the opening hole is hitting a good 3-wood with your second shot. If you leave yourself a good distance for your third shot, there is a great chance for birdie.
Sinead O’Sullivan

Hole 2 - 373 yards - Par 4
Par is a good score on this hole. Even with a good drive, you’ll hit a mid-iron into the green. Aim for the heart of the green and take your two putts.
Abby Fitzgerald
Kennesaw State

Hole 3 - 170 yards - Par 3
Be sure to take enough club to clear the big front bunker. It’s also important to take the right side out of play to avoid the water.
Katie Pursell

Hole 4 - 358 yards - Par 4
I would hit a fairway wood to eliminate the fairway bunker which would leave you about 140 yards. Avoid hitting it over the green as well.
Lina Elmsater

Hole 5 - 492 yards - Par 5
You need to be aggressive off the tee because there is not a lot of trouble at the bottom of the hole. Put yourself in a position to hit the correct level of the green. There is a big ridge in the middle of the green that could cause you problems if you don’t.
Shay Sullivan

Hole 6 - 150 yards - Par 3
I will try to hit a mid-iron into the middle of the green to be safe. My focus will be to avoid the green side bunker on the right side.
Mary Leigh Baker

Hole 7 - 353 yards - Par 4
If you stay on the left side of the hole, you will have a wedge into the green. However, I will probably hit a fairway wood to avoid the water on the right side and keep from making a mistake that would turn a birdie hole into a bogey hole.
Jennifer Judge
USC Upstate

Hole 8 - 324 yards - Par 4
A good drive leaves a wedge in your hand which you will need. You have to hit the ball to the right portion of the green on your approach.
Monica Kelsey

Hole 9 - 323 yards - Par 4
This hole revolves around the tee shot. If you make a smart choice and execute, you’ll have a short shot left into the green with a chance for birdie.
Kelly Maguigan

Hole 10 - 387 yards - Par 4
The key to this hole is placing the ball on the correct tier of the green. It is a forgiving tee shot, so the approach will be important.
Lina Elmsater

Hole 11 - 528 yards - Par 5
This hole is a little intimidating from the tee, but two good shots gives you a chance to score. I’ll need a long drive on this one.
Meghan Hughes

Hole 12 - 152 yards - Par 3
This hole sets up good with a big green that holds the ball well. I think people will be throwing darts at this one all week.
Jordan Lazenby
Kennesaw State

Hole 13 - 380 yards - Par 4
This is one of the few holes on the course that requires a long approach shot. Par will be a good score on this one.
Mary Mattson

Hole 14 - 365 yards - Par 4
Defintely take a driver off the tee and be sure to stay on the left side. It may still leave me with a hybrid but you have to continue to stay left.
Johanna Ebenhag
USC Upstate

Hole 15 - 348 yards - Par 4
You need to step up and blast your drive. That will leave an easy wedge into the green. This is a birdie hole.
Laura Jansone

Hole 16 - 149 yards - Par 3
This hole is only about 150 yards, but the main objective is just to get on the green. Depending on the hole location, it could be tough. Par will be good.
Sarah Bejgrowicz

Hole 17 - 485 yards - Par 5
Today there was a lot of wind and you have to take that into consideration if it continues. I don’t think it is very reachable but if you put yourself in a good position on the second shot, you can really take advantage of it.
Kaitlin Marrin

Hole 18 - 359 yards - Par 4
I think this is a great finishing hole. You need a solid drive to hit it close. I love the risk-reward ratio on this hole with the pond.
Danielle Jackson

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