Sunday, April 18, 2010

Practice Round Lends Insight to The Legends Course at Chateau Elan

tlantic Sun Insider got a hole-by-hole breakdown of The Legends Course at Chateau Elan from some of the participants. The 11 team field readies for the 2010 Atlantic Sun Men’s Golf Championship which begins Monday.

Hole 1 - 423 yards - Par 4
Sam Curtis, So., Kennesaw State
“Off the tee you want to favor the right side and keep the ball in the middle and get a two put and get out of there.”

Hole 2 - 447 yards - Par 4
Dan Smith, Jr., Belmont
“It is a tight tee shot. After the tee shot it becomes a pretty easy hole with a down hill shot and try and hit the middle of the green. Then you look to two put and take a four.”

Hole 3 - 185 yards - Par 3
Bobby Fredeking, So., Jacksonville
“Pin placement is key. When the pin is back you might want to go a club less because you don’t want to go over the green. It is a two tier green and you need to place it on the tier with the pin.”

Hole 4 - 427 yards - Par 4
Andrew Brock, Jr., Lipscomb
“Off the tee you want to go driver down the middle and everything funnels left. You really don’t want to miss right and then aim to hit the middle of green a then it is a simple two put.”

Hole 5 - 521 yards - Par 5
Jeff Karlsson, So., Kennesaw State
“It is a three-wood off the tee but you could go driver but it is a risk and it could set up a tough second shot. The second shot is a layup to about 100 yard and then wedge it close and look to try and birdie.”

Hole 6 - 394 yards - Par 4
Sam Ryder, So., Stetson
“You could be conservative with a short drive but with a long drive it turns into a birdie hole pretty quick. If you got drive and then an iron you can put yourself in good position for birdie.”

Hole 7 - 124 yards - Par 3
Patrick Williams, So., FGCU
“It is a solid down hill hole and a good drive to the center of the green should leave you a great shot at birdie.”

Hole 8 - 451 yards - Par 4
Andrew Schiano, So., Stetson
“Today I went with a drive with the wind but on a clam day I would go with a three-wood and try and take the bunkers out of play.”

Hole 9 - 526 yards - Par 5
Brandon Pena, So., FGCU
“You want to drive it down the middle of the fair and hit a solid approach to give yourself a chance at birdie or even eagle. It is a hole you really want to attack.”

Hole 10 - 556 yards - Par 5
Garth McGee, Fr., ETSU
“I would go driver here and keep it to the right and keep the bunkers out off play. The hole is pretty safe if you play it straight.”

Hole 11 - 409 yards - Par 4
Thomas Holmes, Fr. Mercer
“From the tee it looks like a very tight but you really have more room then you think. You got uphill to the green and with a good chip you have a chance at birdie.”

Hole 12 - 213 yards - Par 3
Kevin Phelan, Fr., UNF
“It is a pretty tough par three. At about 210-215 yards you want aim for the middle of the green take your two puts and get out with a par.”

Hole 13 - 392 yards - Par 4
Michael Lawrence, Sr., USC Upstate
“It is a driver hole and it leaves you with about 120 yards. The green it flat but it is very large. It is a good hole to attack and could be a birdie hole.”

Hole 14 - 515 yards - Par 5
Matt Tribby, Jr., Mercer
“Good hole but it is not to long. The wall on this hole give the hole it gives it a lot of character. The team that is able to play this hole the best stands a good chance to win the tournament.”

Hole 15 - 150 yards - Par 3
Josh Gallman, Sr., USC Upstate
“You don’t want to leave it short. If you leave in the front part of the green the grass is short and it could roll into the water. A long shot is long but the key is to be precise.”

Hole 16 - 344 yards - Par 4
Vita Guillaume, So., Campbell
“I am fairly long off the tee so with the shorter pin placements I would go with a three-wood but if the pin is in the back I’d go driver. The greens appear to be a bit hard so I would aim a few feet in front of the hole because shots will roll toward the pin.”

Hole 17 - 452 yards - Par 4
Kevin Aylwin, So., UNF
“It plays pretty short going down hill and then back up hill to the green. It is important to play a good drive and with the down hill it will roll pretty far.”

Hole 18 - 432 yards - Par 4
Matt Moot, Jr., Campbell
“Eighteen is a great finishing hole. It forces you to be long off the tee with the fairway bunkers in play and with bunkers in the back of the hole I think par for the week will be a pretty good score here.”

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