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Sampling FGCU's Cyber-Support, March 24th

Here is a sampling of the tweets that were posted as FGCU made history in its defeat of San Diego State on March 24th.  Was your tweet in the thread? Keep it up and check back regularly, as we will update daily the tweets that are posted in support of the A-Sun Champion Eagles as they continue their historic flight into March Madness!

SITimLayden Mar 24, 6:46pm via Web
FGCU coach Andy Enfield told me they practice lobs because chest-level passes are disadvantageous for tall athletes...(and less fun for us)

ASun_Patrick Mar 24, 6:53pm via TweetDeck
Can't say this enough: #DunkCity. Chase Fieler with a huge dunk on the baseline. #ASunMBB

marchmadness Mar 24, 6:57pm via
Real-time highlight: FGCU slams it home and has a chance for a three point play. 

#marchmadness -
espn Mar 24, 6:58pm via Web
Looks like Florida Gulf Coast has been taking notes from Lob City -> #FloridaLobCoast (via @jadande)

CapitalOne Mar 24, 7:05pm via Sprinklr
Florida Gulf Coast University aka Dunk City! #RallyCry

EyeOnCBB Mar 24, 7:11pm via TweetDeck
Florida Dunk Coast is back, everybody. Videos and GIFs. Will update as needed

MarkFrisch10 Mar 24, 7:21pm via rowi for Windows Phone
Can't imagine how valuable this exposure is for Florida Gulf Coast basketball and the institution itself. Unreal. Congrats to them for this.

ESPNDanaOneil Mar 24, 7:34pm via TweetDeck
Wait this team finished second in the ASun? So was Mercer the Miami Heat?

midmajority Mar 24, 7:36pm via Twitter for Mac
DUNK CITY has taken over Philadelphia. F! G! C! U!

markcstory Mar 24, 7:37pm via Twitter for iPhone
I have ALWAYS said there is no more entertaining brand of basketball than what they play in the Atlantic Sun Conference

YahooForde Mar 24, 7:37pm via Twitter for iPhone
FGCU, love you. Comer, love you. Crazy fearless and loose.

heets_tweets Mar 24, 7:38pm via Web
Brett Comer is just carving up SDSU. You should read @SIPeteThamel piece on him today.…

DShulman_ESPN Mar 24, 7:39pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®
FGCU is a #1 seed on the fun-o-meter. 

espn Mar 24, 7:39pm via Web
Raise your hand if you're becoming a FGCU believer. 

ESPNDanaOneil Mar 24, 7:42pm via TweetDeck
Pretty sure Philly fans would swap the Sixers for Florida Gulf Coast as homecourt team right about now.

SITimLayden Mar 24, 7:42pm via Web
If you think it's very cool to be sitting in the gym in Philadelphia rt now, watching FGCU and SD State, well, you're right.

BFeldmanCBS Mar 24, 7:44pm via Web
Love the FGCU story: a school virtually no one ever heard off till this wk. Element of discovery makes March Madness great

ESPNCBB Mar 24, 7:50pm via TweetDeck
Sherwood Brown people. #MarchMadness

SportsCenter Mar 24, 7:51pm via Web
DEVELOPING: A 15-seed has NEVER advanced to the Sweet 16. Florida Gulf Coast (aka "Dunk City") is up 10 with 8:00 left.

AndyGlockner Mar 24, 7:50pm via TweetDeck
Comer is filthy. He just put Tapley in the blender.

BleacherReport Mar 24, 7:48pm via TweetDeck
FGCU has quickly become America's favorite college basketball team. #DunkCity

ESPNCBB Mar 24, 7:53pm via TweetDeck
No 15 seed has ever reached the Sweet 16. Florida Gulf Coast up 10 with 7 minutes to go. #HistoryAlert

GregAnthony50 Mar 24, 7:53pm via Twitter for iPhone
I don't root against teams but Florida GC is so much fun to watch #PlaySoHard

midmajority Mar 24, 7:56pm via Twitter for Mac
We are all Eagles tonight, each and every one of us. #AOUEOU

GaryParrishCBS Mar 24, 7:58pm via TweetDeck
They ain't here to run no clock. RT @StevePoliti: For the love of Cinderella -- Run. Some. Clock. FGCU!

ASun_Patrick Mar 24, 8:02pm via TweetDeck
This is insane @FGCU_MBB on a 17-0 run; lead San Diego State 71-52. Similar to 2nd half run vs. G'Town #ASunMBB #DunkCity

SportsCenter Mar 24, 8:02pm via Web

jeffborzello Mar 24, 8:04pm via Web
RT @CollegeHoopsNet: #FGCU is the best thing that's happened to college basketball since the shot clock

MedcalfByESPN Mar 24, 8:10pm via Web
Appreciate the fact that you're literally watching history right now.

ESPNCBB Mar 24, 8:13pm via TweetDeck

SportsCenter Mar 24, 8:14pm via Web
BREAKING: Florida Gulf Coast upsets San Diego St, becomes first 15-seed in NCAA Tournament history to advance to Sweet 16. #DunkCity

SiriusXMCollege Mar 24, 8:17pm via TweetDeck
Congratulations to @FGCU_MBB on becoming the first #15 seed EVER to advance to the Sweet 16! #MarchMadness @SiriusXMSports

MrCFB Mar 24, 8:27pm via Mobile Web (M5)
FGCU has just over 11,000 undergraduates in student body. Watch applications go through the roof!

SportsCenter Mar 24, 8:31pm via Web
Less than 1% of 8.15 million @ESPNFantasy Tournament Challenge brackets picked Florida Gulf Coast to make the Sweet 16. #DunkCity

ESPNStatsInfo Mar 24, 8:31pm via SocialOomph
Florida Gulf Coast was picked in 0.95% of the 8.15 million Tournament Challenge brackets to reach the Sweet 16.

ASun_Patrick Mar 24, 11:10pm via TweetDeck
#ASunMBB @GaryParrishCBS breaks down @FGCU_MBB's rise in the NCAA Tournament and upcoming foe in Florida… #DunkCity

BrettComer0 Mar 24, 10:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up?

GaryParrishCBS Mar 24, 8:51pm via Echofon
FGCU lost to Lipscomb twice. "They're our kryptonite," said FGCU's Eddie Murray. "Glad we don't have to play them in the Sweet 16."

CoachEnfield 12:58am via TweetDeck
Quiet time on the plane ...What a feeling. Thank you to our players who have bought into what we want to do. Couldn't ask for a better group

pierson_sid 1:15am via TweetDeck
Line of the night from Sherwood Brown in the holding room prior to presser "I'm gonna need to take online classes"  #Sweet16Problems

AndyGlockner 12:54am via TweetDeck
Honest Q: Is FGCU the most wildly entertaining/compelling NCAA team since 1990 Loyola Marymount?

nikebasketball Mar 24, 8:15pm via Nike Publisher
Play fearless, make history. @FGCU_MBB is picking up speed. #WeAreFGCU

ASun_Patrick 2:41am via TweetDeck
It's late but worth noting, @FGCU_MBB has five of the seven latest posts on @Deadspin. #DunkCity #ASunMBB

ESPNStatsInfo Mar 24, 8:14pm via Web
Florida Gulf Coast is still the only undefeated team in NCAA Tournament history

timothycrosby 7:47am via Web
RT @NDN_Adam
FGCU_MBB makes front page of the nation's paper #FGCU #DunkCity #ASunMBB

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